Modbo 760 installation in a v19 Playstation 2 Slim (GH-072-42)

After struggling to install my Modbo 760 correctly for three days i finally cracked this thing.

Lacking a proper diagram for the Modbo 760 and GH-072-42 combination i used this one which is for a Matrix clone:


This diagram however has one point that doesnt match the Modbo 760, namely the Cx point. Thinking that there is only one point left unsoldered on the chip i assumed point Z on the chip should be Point Cx on the diagram.

At first my original FFX would load properly. Then all hell broke loose after about 5 resets of the console. I started getting messages like “DVD player is not set up”, legitimate PS2 games being identified as “DVD video”, the Playstation 2 logo would display as if the game was about to start, but then i got thrown back to the browser without any explanation. I thought i had fried my BIOS or laser and that the PS2 is dead.

Google suggested i should check for bridging and cold joints of B,G,H,I,U,O and P. This didn’t help and the problem drove me nuts.

As it turns out, just desoldering Cx and Z fixed the issue immediately.

I wasn’t able to find this information anywhere online, so I’m putting it here in case anyone faces the same issue.

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